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  • California Sick Leave Law 2018

    sick leave in california

    California is the most crowded state in the US and the government of California creates both Healthy Workplaces and Healthy Families Act of 2014. This city needs all workers to get a minimum amount of the paid sick leave on every year. Therefore, the employee can go Sick Leave in California to apply to respective […]

  • Paid Sick Leave in Massachusetts 2018

    Paid Sick Leave in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts put its earned sick leave days into action in 2015, becoming only the third state in the United States to guarantee such protection to employees when unfortunate and disabling sickness strikes. How long is Paid Sick Leave in Massachusetts Available? The paid sick leave hours can be accrued only up to 40 hours in […]

  • Paid Sick Leave in Oregon 2018

    Oregon passed its paid sick leave laws in the year 2015 and made it an obligation for many medium and large-sized organizations to provide this guarantee to their employees. Following is a breakdown of all of the nitty-gritty details regarding the paid sick leave laws in Oregon: How long is Paid Sick Leave in Oregon? […]

  • Paid Sick Leave in Vermont 2018

    Paid sick time can be defined as the time taken by an employee in order to cater to or recover from any personal health issues or those of a close family member such as a parent, a spouse, or a child. The employee is compensated for the days he or she is absent from the […]

  • Paid Sick Leave in Pennsylvania 2018

    Pennsylvania saw its Senate almost pass a bill regarding paid sick leave a few years back but there have been no developments in the progress of the bill through the House since then. Hence, the Pennsylvania sick leave bill is only a preemptive measure as of now and there is no saying when and if […]

  • Paid Sick Leave in Florida 2018

    The state of Florida does not employ the use of any laws that explicitly give employees the right to take paid sick leave.  Unlike many other states that have made it an obligation of employers to give their employees days for which they can be absent citing personal health reasons and not face any reduction […]

  • Paid Sick Leave in Texas 2018

    The subject of paid sick leave has long since been an issue in the state of Texas and still is a subject of concern and discussion, with the state government not having introduced a law that would make giving paid sick leave hours to employees mandatory for all employers in the jurisdiction. Austin is the […]

  • Paid Sick Leave in Rhode Island 2018

    Rhode Island became the eighth state in the United States in July of 2018 to grant paid sick leave to employees. How long is Paid Sick Leave in Rhode Island? Employers employing 18 or more employees are obliged to offer paid sick leave according to the Rhode Island Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces Act. […]

  • Paid Sick Leave in Washington 2018

    Paid Sick Leave in Washington 2018

    When every company or employer in the state has their own different sets of rules and laws pertaining to paid and unpaid sick leave, the matter can become quite confusing for many employees as they are unsure of what applies to them. The recently passed Washington paid sick leave laws to apply to all organizations […]

  • Paid Sick Leave in Connecticut 2018

    Paid Sick Leave in Connecticut law is applicable mostly to employers of any agency, institution, or organization who hire 50 or more employees in any one of the four quarters of the passing year. Organizations that are exempt from taxation, as well as manufacturing employers, are not obliged to follow this law although they may […]